Rainer GmbH CLS Ladungssicherungssystem

Container Lashing System CLS

The certified and patented Container Lashing System CLS of our associate Rainer GmbH is perfect for recurring shipments of the same cargo (e. g. IBCs, drums, bulk bags). For these shipments handling of the pre-assembled CLS is unbeatably quick and easy, helping to optimize processing costs. Learn more on our YouTube Playlist.

All CLS systems have a modular structure. Numerous variations are possible.

Next to a pre-assembled CLS, lashings can be supplied in parts as well.

The container hook disappears completely in the container wall.

Container lashing system CLS 4 for soft packaging such as BigBags certified
Spacer for fixing the set position of the horizontal lashing
certified edge protection
buckle, connecting two horizontal lashings on the same level
A total of four horizontal lashing connections
Container lashing system for securing any palletized and unpalletized goods thanks to its modular structure
Container Lashing System CLS 4 IBC
edge protection for round edges
horizontal lashing with little elongation
HLash / Rainer airbags
Container Lashing System CLS 2 for mixed containers
Secured in the refrigerated container with the Reefer Safety Module RSM as a lashing point and blocker
Webbing with container hook
Reefer Safety Module RSM